Designer's tip: Create your own padded headboard.

Using plywood the width of your bed, batting, fabric and a staple gun, you can create a dramatic headboard on a budget.  You can shape the top of the plywood by cutting curves or scrolls if you wish or just leave it square.

Wrap the entire surface in sheets of batting, remembering to bring the batting around to the back of the headboard and staple to secure.  If you want a really cushy headboard, add a layer of 1" foam on the plywood and then wrap with batting.  Staple the fabric over the batting.  Start at the center of each side, pull the fabric tight, staple and work your way to each corner easing the fabric at the corner.  It's easiest if you choose a fabric that can be railroaded (meaning pattern runs side to side) so that no seams are necessary.  Upholstery fabric is normally 54" wide and the length you'll need is determined by the width of your bed plus 6" to allow for wrapping the edges.  If you want to tuft the headboard, it is easier if you pre-drill holes in the plywood before you begin the upholstery process.  Using button kits, you can make matching covered buttons that create the tufting.  Make a small cut in the fabric and batting as determined by the holes and secure the buttons with wire and washers or heavy plastic ties.  Shopping at discount fabric stores and using craft store coupons will allow you to do this project for under $100.00.

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